Thursday, 10 March 2016


Focus group Previ residents 24 Feb 2016 - 6 participants / 5 families

PART I: on Previ development

Reasons why they went to live there
·         Lottery
·         Investment
Changes performed to their houses
·         Extensions to
o   Accommodate more family as it grows (2 participants)
o   o invest (rental) (1 participant)
o   No change – cross ventilation maintained (2 participants)
Problems and concerns (to let a politician know)
·         Green areas have little maintenance
·         Crime
·         Seismic security
·         Street lighting
·         Utility provisions (water)  should be modernised
·         Parking spaces are insufficient
·         Private invasion of open areas
What do they like to most (to show to their favourite artist)
·         Very proud of their park
·         Proud of the architectural value of their development

PART II: on energy patterns of use

·         None heating or air conditioning
·         Thermal adaptation through clothing, water drinking, windows/door openings
·         Well understood the importance of cross ventilation
·         No avoidance of solar gain in the houses
·         Avoidance of rain in two houses (which has the effect of control some unintentional shading in windows and roof)
·         Gas only for cooking (one house does not trust the mains connection to gas, for safety concerns)
·         DHW
o   Electric thermal tank (3 cases)
o   Electric shower (2 cases)
·         The use of fans only when too hot
·         All participants have energy saving bulbs

·         All participants spare energy by turning off lights/appliances

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