Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Previ International Design Competition

We are going through the process of an extensive literature review and collection of material relating to the development of PREVI masterplan ... Some of the most interesting strategic diagrams begin to illustrate the radical nature of the scheme.
Photo montage of the international competitors at a briefing session with Peter Land (in front of blackboard), against a picture of El Augustino,Lima; taken from  AD (1970) "Previ/Lima. Low Cost Housing Project". AD 4 117-205.

Experimental neighbourhood unit of PREVI; taken from Barrionuevo, R., Jara, C., y Santolalla, J. (1971) Publicatión PREVI (edición del Ministerio de Vivienda y Construcción del Perú, Lima).

Aerial view of the completed first phase of the project in 1975 taken from p23 in; Kahatt, S.S. (2011) “PREVI-LIMA’s TIME: Positioning Proyecto Experimental De Vivienda in Peru’s Modern Project”. Architectural Design April 22-25.

Previ Housing, 1976. Image by Peter Land taken from; Garcia-Huidobro, F., Torriti, D., Tugas, N (2008) El tiempo construye! El Proyecto Experimental de Vivienda (PREVI) di Lima: genesis y desenlace (Gustavo Gili, Barcelona).


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